About Us

Premier Distribution Group is a warehouse and order fulfillment company with headquarters centrally located just outside of Toronto ON, Canada with additional U.S. fulfillment centers in California and New York. Our location allows us to offer competitive warehousing costs to our clients while at the same time being able to attract a variety of industries. We provide the quickest response time to our customers and have the references to prove it.

Our modern facilities are clean, well-lit and come equipped with 24/7 alarm systems that are monitored by an outside licensed security company. Sprinkler systems and cameras (inside and outside) are also set up through our warehouses - safely securing your stored inventory.

Comprised of experienced logistics professionals, our office is invested in providing superior customer service at a competitive price. Our warehouse personnel work diligently to ensure a smooth-running total order fulfillment center from beginning to end.

Premier Distribution Group’s clients range from start-ups to medium sized businesses looking to outsource to a 3PL. Just some of the products we ship every day include car and truck parts, home furnishings, farm implements, Bluetooth components, health products and so much more.

We also ship on behalf of companies such as Costco, Best Buy and Amazon - managing the entire distribution process from receipt of the order through to the packing and shipping. If they trust us…you can too!


Location near airports, freight and rail lanes, as well as courier hubs.*All photos © 2024 Premier Distribution Group  

Our Canadian location enables us to be near all necessary product distribution outlets including:

Some of our neighbouring businesses in Canada are brands such as Blackberry, Open Text, and Comdev among others. Positioning our warehouse in the same business lanes as these companies provides us with the opportunity to be near all major shipping hubs and various depots for ease of order processing.

You have to be shipping from Canada…to grow your business in Canada. If you’d like to optimize your supply chain management, give us a call!

About Us - Premier Distribution Group is a modern, secure warehouse/distribution company comprised of experienced industry professionals.Modern, Secure Warehousing & Distribution Company in Stratford, Ontario Canada